Equity Strategies

With India's projected share in the World GDP moving up from ~2% in 2010 to 10% by 2030, Indian markets are today the most lucrative platform for investors worldwide. Home to 1.2 billion people, generating massive consumption demand, having a resilient economy with capital efficient companies are some of the inherent structural advantages of investing in India.

Investment decisions should be based on research and not rumors. With multitudes of investment options available in the market today, choosing the right option for oneself may not always be easy. Understanding investor requirements, we have designed our Equity Strategies that manages your investments effectively - researches the market, does comprehensive evaluation on companies, understands your risk appetite and accordingly decides on where to invest. A highly educated (IIT and IIM graduates) and well experienced team manages the portfolio.

Our Investment Philosophy
Growth at a Reasonable value
  • Focus on Growth oriented stocks
  • The Quality of growth is examined by Cashflows generated and debt in the books
  • The profitability ratios should be sustainable and defendable
Research Driven
  • Bottom up stock selection approach
  • Focus on the fundamentals of the company: Financial strength & Growth characteristics
  • Study Regular external inputs
Continuous risk mitigation
  • Regularly study extraneous risks & ensure diversification across economic themes
  • Limit exposure to any single business group
  • Attention to liquidity profile
Investment Discipline
  • Avoid assets where risks are not well understood
  • Regular monitoring of Price Value Gap
Long term perspective
  • Seeks to capture the best opportunities that the market presents, without any sector bias
  • Focus on business opportunities rather than market swings
  • Buying based on conviction, not transient fads

Equity Strategies invests in equities, debt, gold, structured products and therefore is more diversified than Mutual Funds. Another advantage is that unlike Mutual Funds, here the client owns the securities rather than just a unit of the fund. A number of investment strategies are available to suit investor’s risk appetite; focus on Large Cap, Mid Cap and Sectoral Funds.