What are Alternate Assets?

Alternate assets include assets other than the traditional assets, such as Equity, Debt or Real Estate. These include some financial assets such as commodities, Hedge Funds, Private equity, Venture Capital, Film Funds and financial derivatives among others. It also includes some tangible assets such as art, wine, antiques, coins, stamps and so on. Alternate assets tend to be a long-term investment and tend to provide higher returns compared to a standard investment portfolio.

What is the need for investing in Alternate Assets?

Investing in Alternate Assets is a tool for diversifying one’s portfolio in assets other than the primary assets such as Equity, Debt or Real estate. They also provide HNIs and organizations with opportunities to generate returns across various exotic financial or real assets. Many a times, specific products could be designed based on customers’ requirements assuming a minimum level of investment.

       It provides clients with different asset classes to choose from like , Art, Gold, Real Estate, etc
       It can be structured as per customers’ requirements while giving attractive returns with no risk to medium risk
       Moving to evolved views on markets such as market range, returns ceilings, etc

How is Karvy Capital Ltd different from other Asset Management firms?

Our uniqueness lies within the thought process of our team. Intelligence, innovation and research are the backbone of all Karvy Capital Ltd investment offerings. Performances are constantly monitored by the management team and regular updates are given to our clients to ensure complete transparency.

What are the investment offerings provided by Karvy Capital Ltd?

Karvy Capital Ltd is a thought leader in specialized investments and offers a wide range of investment ideas spread across various asset classes. Our Investment offerings include High Yield Debt PMS, Structured Products and Structured Finance. Please visit our Products page for more details on each investment offering.

What is the minimum level of investment required?

Each offering has a different level of commitment and fee structure. Please send your requirements through our Contact Us section signifying your area of interest, and our representative will get in touch with you with the relevant offerings.

Do you guarantee principal protection on investments?

Select products do provide a Principal Protection option. Returns on your investment in most products will depend on the investment scheme and risk profile selected as well as market conditions.

Will my information be shared with other Karvy Group companies?

Karvy Capital Ltd manages its clients independently of other businesses of Karvy Group. We therefore do not divulge client information to Karvy Group or other companies.

For further queries, please send an e-mail to us at kcap@karvy.com