Demeter Strategy - High Yield Debt

Demeter, a Portfolio Management Strategy, is designed for investors seeking income and capital appreciation from their asset allocation to debt. The investment objective is to generate long term capital appreciation and income through interest and trading of securities (both in short term and over the long term) in the secondary market. It is recommended for investors seeking to hold a debt portfolio with moderate to high risk appetite expecting a moderate return over a long term horizon. The portfolio will invest in a mix of real estate backed debt, structured mezzanine debt and securitized debt.

Suitable for:
  • Investors looking for an allocation to their fixed income portfolio. It will provide better returns than existing options in the fixed income space like bank FD, corporate FD and bonds. For affluent investors this is an attractive investment avenue instead of volatile equities and commodities market, low yields of rated bonds and bank deposits, and high real estate prices.
  • Clients who have current exposure in high-yielding real-estate backed instruments can use this product to diversify the overall high-yielding portfolio across sectors.

For details, we request you to kindly read the Risk Disclosure Document.

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