Risk Profiler
Risk Profiler

Karvy Capital

This Risk Profiler is intended only for use of individuals who wish to avail the portfolio management services of Karvy Capital Limited.

This short questionnaire has been designed to help us understand your risk tolerance. Questions asked here provide some indication of the risk tolerance for a typical investor displaying your personal investment characteristics and indicates the profile you fit into. However this profiler is not exhaustive and may not cover all the aspects that you should be considering while making an investment decision. Further, the risk profiling process is entirely dependent on your responses to the questions asked and in case of different responses by you, your actual risk profile may be significantly different from what is indicated here.

Kindly read the Risk Disclosure document to know all risks pertaining to your investment in the Demeter Strategy offered by Karvy Capital Limited

Applicant Full Name :
PMS Strategy Name : Demeter
Qualitative Factors:
Personal Details
Email  :
Number of dependants for whom you are responsible :
Number of earning members in your family :
Details of your Residence :
Financial Details
Your annual take Home Income in INR : Individual: INR      Consolidated: INR
Stability of your income stream :
Your current savings in INR : INR
Your current expenses as a percentage of income (excluding loans) : %
Expected Growth in Current Expenses [percentage terms] : %
Loan details [if any] in INR :
Home loan Amount: INR Monthly EMI: INR
Car loan Amount: INR Monthly EMI: INR
Education loan Amount: INR Monthly EMI: INR
Insurance (Medical) in INR : INR
Insurance (Term) :  Years
Any liquidity requirement in the future in INR :
Investment Details
Current Asset Allocation (Percentage Allocation) : Liquid Assets: %     Non-Liquid Assets: %
Capital Market Experience :
Derivative Market Experience? :
Means of Financial Decisions :
Your Risk Tolerance as perceived by you :

Quantitative factors:

Personal details:
  1. Your age

Financial Details:
  1. Which of the following best describes your lifestyle?

  2. How do you decide your lifestyle?
  3. How do you plan your expenses, savings and investments?

Product Related:
  1. Investment Objective –

  2. Which return scenario is preferable?  

  3. You have invested in shares that you expect will become 5-baggers* in 2-3 years. These share prices drop 30% soon after you buy them. You:
    [ * The expression depicts stocks with explosive growth prospects which could be of the order of 5 times. ]

  4. You have invested Rs. 100. Which of the following return profiles would you prefer?

  5. If you hear about a good stock 'tip' from a friend, what do you typically do?

  6. You win Rs. 10 lakh in a lucky draw and you have a chance to increase your winnings. Which one of the following would you choose?