Structured Product

Structured Products are Karvy-issued debentures designed to provide alternative exposure to traditional and direct products. Though the returns of structured products are linked to the performance of underlying assets such as equities or commodities, they possess unique risk-return profiles that allow investors to alter their desired level of exposure. While sometimes considered alternative products, Structured Products may also overlap with traditional holdings, so they may be appropriately classified within an equity / commodity or fixed income allocation.

Key Features
  1. Principal Protection - option available in most of the Structured Products
  2. Returns varying from Debt-like payoff to Leverage payoff
Key Benefits
  1. Ideal for risk averse investors with principal protection
  2. Hedging / Decreasing risk in a portfolio
  3. Enhanced yield / returns
  4. Customizable to express a specific market view

Structured Products are suitable for wide range of investor profiles to address their investment objectives such as:

  1. Protect Principal
  2. Diversification
  3. Flexibility
  4. Generate Income
  5. Leverage Returns

Karvy Structured Products address multiple asset classes and investment styles with an objective to serve multiple needs of investors through a disciplined, yet flexible wealth management approach. Karvy Structured Products can be strategically employed within an investor’s asset allocation program to help manage overall portfolio volatility. Regardless of one’s appetite for risk, risk must be managed across the entire portfolio to reflect the investor’s objectives and goals.

With unique properties that can enhance risk-adjusted performance, Karvy Structured Products may be employed to complement a portfolio of more traditional holdings and affect portfolio traits. Structured Products address changing priorities Structured Products help wealth managers achieve their goals by improving the risk return profile of the portfolio (thereby maximizing beta), while at the same time enhance the alpha generation of portfolios at optimized cost and greater transparency.

As one of India’s largest integrated financial services player, Karvy's Structured Products desk engages investors more closely in creating and managing their wealth.

Structured Products are offered through Karvy Financial Services Limited.