Thought Leadership

As the Indian capital markets align themselves with their global counterparts we attempt to tackle the myth of hedge funds head on and bring to our audience insights on various topics linked to these funds. The SEBI regulation of 2012 for Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs) makes Indian hedge funds a possible investment avenue. At the end of the Leading Hedge series the reader will have clarity on what hedge funds are, what they do, what are the risks of investing in them are and how they have evolved over time in the developed markets and the applicability of hedge fund strategies to Indian markets.

Leading Hedge Issue

On this page, you will also find links to our annual publications for 2012 and 2013. The issues of Pursuit of Positive Returns take the reader through investment possibilities generating positive returns based on various scenarios for global and domestic indicators that affect market movement. We highlight different paths that various asset classes might take in response to these indicators.

Pursuit of Positive Returns